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March 13, 2024

Signs That Your Deck Needs To Be Repaired

Maybe you’ve been delaying fixing that loose railing or creaky board one summer too long, But don’t let a simple repair become an accident you could have prevented. At Boyer Premier Fence, we have six signs that it’s time to repair (or maybe even replace) your deck.

Rusting and Loosening of Connectors

These connectors commonly aren’t visible and are quickly forgotten about; however, they are a significant concern for the personal safety of you and your family. Look under your deck to make sure everything is still in place and in good shape. Depending on the age of your deck, natural elements can weaken your deck’s structural stability and its fixtures. Repair these as they arise, you don’t need to do all at once.

Decaying or Rotting Wood

Decaying or rotting deck boards is like opening a can of worms. It can lead to many more issues such as structural and increases susceptibility to insects. Rotting wood will cause the frame to lose its shape and stability, and termites will accelerate the decaying process. Once the rot moves from the visible, outer edges, the middle of the boards will become spongy to walk on. This when it is time to replace the board. Another issue you may find is that screws no longer stay secured in the decaying material. If just one board is affected, remove it and replace it with something new. If it is the majority of your deck boards or even worse, if it is the frame supports holding it up, it may be cheaper (and safer) to replace the deck entirely.

Loose Railings

If your railings shake when you grab onto them, that’s probably a good indicator that you need to repair them. These are an easy fix, but don’t procrastinate for too long as these loose railings will cause your deck to fall and collapse. This can be a significant safety hazard. You could re-attach the railings with nails, but they will come loose again. Boyer Premier Fence’s recommendation for a long-term solution is to use carriage bolts with washers and nuts to securely fasten the railing without damaging your deck material.

Broken / Cracked Boards

If your deck wobbles or feels like you could fall through at any second, it’s seen better days. Over time, deck boards weaken by separating from the ledger, which causes them to twist from their original vertical position. This structural damage is also a sign that the board has seen the end of its lifespan. You may need more than a repair for this, instead a replacement.


Stains are one of the most common problems associated with wooden decking. These stains and blemishes are caused by daily use and are unavoidable. If these stains are not removed, not only will they ruin the aesthetic appeal, but they can also destroy the protective sealant. This results in further damage to protective material, leaving the wood exposure and more susceptible to rot and other damages.


The average life expectancy of a wood deck is about 10 to 15 years. Although your deck may have exceeded that limit and is still being used, be careful as it could be extremely unsafe. If the physical state of your deck appears to be in an okay condition, we recommend calling a professional decking company (like Premier Fencing) to come out and assess it. From there, you will be provided with an evaluation of next steps.

If you like a good DIY challenge, you are more than capable of these deck repairs.However, if you need some additional assistance or guidance, give the custom deck and fence specialists a call. Boyer Premier Fencing & Backyard Solutions is committed to delivering premium materials and prompt and professional service. From serving Southern Ontario for over 90 years, we have been deemed as an industry leader in backyard furnishings because of our quality and service.

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